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Gap Between China And Foreign Contries In Conveyor Belt
Aug 24, 2016

Because of different country with different economic system, economic development is not the same, leading to the development trend of conveyor belt is not the same, total national power is relatively strong, but there is still a certain gap in the conveyor belt industry.


First,  Technology and equipment quality level is not high, so only can produce Lower grade products. For many factories, they have already got the technology of chevron belt, but, still relatively low.       


Second, carrying capacity is poor, the service life is short, the life of domestic conveyor belt is generally not more than Two years, the total volume is not more than Two hundred           Million tons, And the service life of similar products in foreign countries can be more than Four years, the total volume of more than Six hundred Million tons. 


Third, the main problem is lack of core technology, no good innovation. Before the gap between domestic and foreign,  Conveyor belt company has to pay more efforts to innovate, as the new century.

         EP Conveyer belt, has good wear resistant conveyer belt, good for  cement conveying, high modulus of belt body, good elongation ,heat stability, impact resistance, suitable for medium and long distance, high cut, high speed transport materials.

           EP Conveyor belt  comparing with nylon conveyor belt , has many advantages and small length, completely wet strength does not reduce the unique advantages. This is especially important for long distance transportation and wet conditions.


 EP Conveyor belt physical and mechanical properties are as follows: 

  1. Physical and mechanical properties of the covering layer: see the physical and mechanical properties of the covering layer of the common conveyor belt.

  2. Full thickness tensile property:           A.           The longitudinal tensile strength of the belt shall not be less than the nominal value:           900 315400500600630800 1000N/mm           B.  With the full thickness of the longitudinal tensile elongation not less than           10%

  3.     C.  Straightness is not greater than 25mm    

  4.     D.  Bonding strength between layers: 

        The whole core flame retardant conveyor belt is made of the whole belt core through the polyvinyl chloride impregnated paste impregnated with plastic or after curing,           have     The product has the characteristics of high strength, large capacity, transport balance, etc., and the product has good flame retardant, antistatic, anti attack           Wear resistance, Corrosion resistance and other properties. Fire Resistant conveyor belt used in Coal transportation  And so on.

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