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One Kind Of Conveyor Belt Material To Prevent Sticking Cleaning Device
Oct 19, 2016

The utility model discloses a conveyor belt to prevent sticking material cleaning device, belt cleaning device comprises a blade (1), mounting plate (2), plate (3), adjusting means (4) and tighten clamping screw (5); wherein the blade (1) provided on the mounting plate (2), through the plate (3) and the fastening bolt (5) pressed and fixed; said regulating means (4) arranged symmetrically (2) the left and right ends of the mounting plate and connected to the conveyor body.

The utility model by adjusting the distance between the conveyor belt scraper between, can be promptly removed after separation of the adhesive material and the conveyor belt, without downtime manual cleaning, not only effectively protects the belt, but also improve the efficiency of production, thus reducing the production cost. Has simple structure, easy installation, stable, safe and reliable.

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