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Structrual Selection Of Chevron Conveyor Belt
Nov 10, 2016

The selection of location for joint by hot vulcanized should be  in the chamber (tunnel), spacious flat transportation facilities, wind speed, air humidity is small, low temperature, less coal dust places. The front of the curing joint should be treated with the 20 meters of the drift of the roadway, and to build a cover at the top of the curing point as far as possible. Prohibited in the broken roof, water, dust, wind speed, humidity place vulcanizing joint.          

Chevron conveyor belt - each pattern is arranged according to the gap can be divided into two types of sparse and dense, each kind of pattern can be divided into high, medium and low three.           The scope of it is: it is mainly used for less than 30 degrees angle of horizontal transport. In the case of a groove, the figure can be replaced by the use of the figure.

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